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Issues in Guardianship
Getting Started as a Guardian
As you may know, there is a great need for guardians throughout the country and we appreciate your consideration of this line of work. If you are interested in becoming a professional guardian, conservator or fiduciary, we have a few resources to share with you.
Learn more about guardianship and the decisions that are made by reading NGA’s Standards of Practice.
Take advantage of training opportunities like the Fundamentals of Guardianship, either in published form or as a live or recorded webinar.
Find a guardian in your area to speak about the profession and begin networking by using NGA’s Find a Guardian search.
If a statewide guardianship association exists for your state, its members would be another source of information and networking.
Learn more about guardianship certification at the Center for Guardianship Certification.
Find a local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) and work with them to determine the needs in your area.
Once you decide that guardianship is the right career for you, please consider joining NGA to take advantage of the education, networking and other benefits that NGA can provide!
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