World Congress on Adult Guardianship
Thank you to everyone who attended the 3rd World Congress on Adult Guardianship in Washington, DC. in 2014. We hope to see you again at future World Congresses.
Asian Guardianship Issues Speaker Notes - Arai
Guardianship in England and Wales Paper/Book Chapter: Lush
World Wide Guardian Practice Speaker Notes: Arai
Comparative Views of Supported Decision‐Making Presentation: Tolub, Devi, Kanter
Physicians’ knowledge and practice of the law on withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining treatment from adults who lack capacity Presentation: Blank/Australia
Promising Practices to Ensure Excellence in Guardianship Around the World Presentation: del Pozo Álvarez , Solé Chavero, Canimas Brugué
Standards on Guardianship Financial Decision Making Two Views Taiwan & The United States Presentation: Huang, Anke, Hollister