World Congress on Adult Guardianship
Thank you to everyone who attended the 3rd World Congress on Adult Guardianship in Washington, DC. in 2014. We hope to see you again at future World Congresses.
Who’s Overseeing the Overseers? Abstract: Kavadias Schneider
How a Guardianship Registry Benefits the Citizens of Indiana Article: Orr Henderson
Who’s Overseeing the Overseers? A Report on the State of Adult Guardianship in Indiana Report: Kavadias Schneider
Indiana Adult Guardianship Task Force: How a Highly Successful Collective Impact Initiative Is Championing System-Wide Change in Guardianship Service Delivery Presentation Outline: Leich, Jenuwine, Orr Henderson, Pryor, Schneider
Judicial Standards and Promising Practices in Limited Guardianships and Court Monitoring Handouts: Boxx, Kozak, Uekert
The Case for Monitoring - Netherlands Handout Presentation: King
The Case for Monitoring Presentation Presentation: King
How Minnesota Courts are Protecting the Assets of Vulnerable Persons Article: Boyko
The Case for Monitoring Handout: King
Monitoring the Lifestyles of the Rich and Not So Famous Presentation: Bock, Palmieri