A Night at the Races

This year’s conference theme is “Racing to Excellence” and we’re taking that theme quite literally during the Sunday night Exhibitor Reception. We are hosting “A Night at the Races” during the reception. This program will allow participants to try their hand at playing the ponies – with play money! Guests will bet on the outcomes of four races, mingle with the exhibitors between races, and have a blast! Because we need an accurate count for the racing event, registration is required. Please note, all attendees are welcome at the reception, and you don’t need to register for the reception itself, we just require registration for the racing program. 

Night at the Races

While no registration is required to attend the Sunday night Exhibitor Reception, we do require registration for the racing program. This ensures that we have an accurate count for race programs, packets of play money, and more. NGA is paying an outside vendor to provide this program, so your registration also ensures that NGA only pays for people who plan to participate.