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The National Guardianship Association is comprised of a diverse group of guardianship practitioners and allied professionals across the United States.

NGA appreciates your interest in guardianship issues and we welcome your membership. However, NGA cannot intervene or comment on specific guardianship cases or issues.

Please do not call the NGA business office seeking legal advice or direction concerning a specific case. Inquiries into local guardianship practice and procedure, and about specific cases, should be directed to local courts and to guardianship practitioners located in that particular community.

If you are looking for guardianship services, contact may be made with a guardian in your area by using NGA’s Find a Guardian search.

NGA encourages guardianship professionals, family guardians, volunteer guardians, and allied professionals to join the organization so that they may receive the benefits of membership. To learn about joining NGA, click here.

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Phone: 877-326-5992
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Denise Ott, CAE, Association Director

Marketing and Communications

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We are pleased to serve as your contact for the latest news about guardianship issues. Members of NGA offer a wealth of information and expertise on topics related to guardianship and conservatorship. NGA members are available to speak on a variety of topics. Contact the communications office for more information by filling out the form below or calling 877-326-5992.

Topics include:

  • Standards of Practice
  • Limited Guardianship
  • Termination of Guardianship
  • Public guardianship
  • Guardianship of the person
  • Guardianship of minors

  • Guardianship of the estate
  • Supported decision-making
  • Developmentally disabled population
  • Elderly population
  • Representative payee
  • Legal guardianship

  • Legislative initiatives
  • Client rights
  • Fiduciary abuse
  • Advocacy
  • Alternatives to guardianship

Request A Speaker

NGA appreciates the opportunity to partner with media outlets interested in communicating best practices in guardianship. Interviews with NGA representatives may be arranged by contacting the communications office by filling out the form below or calling 877-326-5992.

Media Inquiries

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NGA’s bimonthly newsletter, The National Guardian, is distributed by email to NGA members (sample available on request.) Newsletters are permanently archived and available for members to read on the NGA website. Each issue contains feature articles, industry news, reports on NGA activities, member information, and topics of interest to members. Learn more about newsletter advertising.


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A notice of this career opportunity will be emailed to NGA members one time. The opening will also be posted on the NGA website for 30 days or until the end date indicated below.