Virtual Special Interest Groups

Virtual interest groups allow members with similar interests and goals to work together to share ideas. 

Real Life Situations, Suggestions, and Support

Have a tricky situation regarding a client or a family member? Need some feedback about something you’re encountering for the first time? Want to hear from others who do your job and understand your challenges? This is the place! Think of it as a live listserv (with a hint of support group), where you might not get the answer to every question, but you’ll get understanding and suggestions from your peers. 

Certification Study Group

This is an informal study group for members interested in taking the certification exam through the Center for Guardianship Certification. It is not intended to replace the formal study resources of the Review Course webinar, nor the Study Guide publication. 

Public Guardians

Public guardians have unique roles in the guardianship community, and this group offers a way for public guardians across the country to discuss the challenges of the job, and potential ideas to help each other succeed.

Starting a New Business

Starting and growing a guardianship business is a daunting process, and this group allows current and future guardianship business owners to share ideas, suggestions, and lessons learned from the process. 

To be added to a list, contact NGA. Please indicate which groups(s) you are interested in joining.

NGA’s special interest groups are each led by a volunteer with an interest in the topic. Special interest groups, and the suggestions made during meetings, are not intended to provide legal advice, and the suggestions made by members of the groups do not necessarily reflect the opinions and standards of NGA, its board of directors, its volunteers, its members, or its management.